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Sindy began as a collective formed by Lucie Caille, Lavinia Johnson, Naïma Pollet, Oryana Nurock, Paola Antognini and Susana Solís García. We used artistic tools such as graphics and easily reproducible posters to reach more people. By organizing events and debates we act as mediators to find formats to create or change structures and thus foster collectivity and generate spaces for meeting and dialogue. Our interest was defending the rights of students of art and facilitating the exchange of information between collectives and associations We chose the name Sindy as a play on words between Syndicate and Cindy Lauper with the slogan Girls just want to have fun we chose a kitch image, from the 80’s and blue as a gesture to the color of the workers. As a result, the first syndicate of the Haute école d’art et de design (HEAD) was created and still exists today.

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