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(Querétaro, México. 1991.)

She is a visual artist; she holds a Bachelor 's degree in Visual Arts and a Certificate in Art History from the Universidad de las Américas Puebla, México. She also completed a Master in Visual Arts - TRANS- Socially Engaged Art Practices at the Haute école d' art et de design- Genève, Switzerland. She enjoys plants, books and maps; as well as organizing projects exploring social structures and institutional systems.Her artistic practice is centered around education and precarious conditions to build or find alternatives to stories and systems, always using language and dialogue as a tool. The exchange of knowledge and learning result in books, through drawing, writing, performance and video.

Her collective projects are proposals that focus on playing with institutional dynamics and rules. Within the Wendy collective they made a TV show as a talk show in which they interviewed the different collectives of the Haute école d' art et de design- Genève (HEAD) in relation to their link with the University and the need for self-management spaces. In addition, formerly known as Sindy, through various actions, graphics and the creation of an artistic personality, they launched the first union of art students in Switzerland in order to discuss and raise their voices on political and social issues.

Susana Solís García

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