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Translation: Perform the other

Translation: Perform the other


I decided to use the book Tragic Semblance of the Telegraph and the National Telegraphers as an object of mediation to not only translate the book through language exchange, but also to open up the conversation about the ways in which translation opens up. Language has the capacity to unite and disunite times and to be in constant movement and change, continually transforming what we know. A performance that, as a class, prepares us to improvise. The recording was made live on a cassette recorder so that everything was included, corrections, pronunciation errors, noises, all that atmosphere that makes a language alive. Subsequently, the audiobook tape became part of a library called Biblioforevers, whose premise is to make accessible a library of contemporary art, they propose urgent strategies of another type of transmission that come from a questioning of the concept of distance and the union of individuals through listening.

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